Shipai Town, located in the northeast of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is close to the Dongjiang River and enjoys the coastline of the Dongjiang River alone for 14 kilometres.  The discovery of the Longan Gangbei Mound culture site confirms the human civilization history of more than 5,000 years in Shipai.  Here not only has a strong history and culture and rich ecological resources, but the cultural and creative industry also has a bright future.  The advantaged natural resources and the advantage of industries gave birth to the local tide play industry, domestic enterprises to "original IP + + design production sales" mode of the operation of the whole industry chain, driving the ShiPai of toy foundry enterprises gradually towards the IP top trending new formats.

We are excited by the valuable ancient village style and rich industrial base left by ShiPai. At the same time, we are also clearly aware that the village here is also facing the same problems as many other places, such as the reuse of idle village space resources, the construction of a community with continuous vitality, and the innovation and creation of Shipai Cultural Tourism IP, etc. How do we use the power of diverse art design to inject youthful dynamism and new ideas into the countryside?

To solve these problems, we conducted a space design competition in the name of a rural fashionable aesthetics experiment to continuously improve the design spirit and began injecting new vitality into the ShiPai.

Adhering to the concept of a "rural hip play life aesthetics experiment", we hope to use the power of design to make Shipai Town "a demonstration area showing how to establish a relationship between rural and hip play new business forms".  Invite architects and artists from all over the world to a country with top tending to create numerous works, and through these works, build a network so that those who are disappearing of the natural environment, customs, village, etc. Get the regeneration and rejuvenation to those who are in the process of gradual growth trend, get development continuously and spread of new forms, a flat ShiPai become creative design bus, to achieve the purpose of a prosperous region.







Rural revitalization and development
One cannot rely too much on the simple reproduction of urban aesthetics
Dongguan Shipai gives us a new thinking direction,
In what form should the ancient village space full of cultural and historical atmosphere and the villagers' life supported by modern industry be integrated?
Three village Spaces, Fulong Village, Puxin Village and Tangwei Village, were selected for participants to explore the relationship between space and life.
When the two groups communicate with each other, we are looking forward to an experiment of "rural fashion play life aesthetics".
The countryside is the show.
Living, producing, growing
Within the vibrant rural space
More, let us see the stone row in ancient and modern times and space in the diverse possibilities.
To realize the ideals that were put into the countryside.


Design consideration:We expect the participants to combine the village's local culture with the space scene's design and show us the prosperous picture of rural development from multiple perspectives. The theme of this competition is Start a trend in the countryside, ShiPai creativity". We hope that the top trending of ShiPai can become an entry point for the development of ancient villages. "Top Trending" is not only an industry term. It can also be a way to refresh the new ancient villages, with a young visual Angle and practice of combining the old town and the trend of a modern way of life, create the unique Shipai of IP, let the village with a history of deep space in retaining their value at the same time, the bearing under the development of the modern industry of the multi-dimensional function such as business and life needs, Broaden the boundaries of our imagination about village life."

Design requirements: The scheme design should be creative and practical, reflect the characteristics of Shipai, carry out systematic design optimization of the overall space, and create a new space image matching the rural revitalization brand of Shipai Town; Make comprehensive planning of base space and business form to provide new quality connotation that can support the transition of rural revitalization level of Shipai Town; Conduct in-depth research in the fields of ecological, cultural tourism, fashionable play industry, historical resources and so on, and explore a new construction model for future rural development.

Design content: On the basis of the existing base to carry on the transformation design, the consideration content is not limited to current situation review, project cognition, target positioning, design concept, functional structure, rural landscape, operation thinking, etc. Participants can independently combine stone town, local history, culture, and business situations to design forms. Forms are not limited to the homestay facility, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, books, theatre, art galleries, museums, intangible workshop, flower shop, shop, collections, space, and any team that should appear in the area of forms.


SITE1 Fulong Village

SITE2 Puxin Village

SITE3 Tangwei Village -- The entrance to the village

SITE4 Tangwei Village -- Weichuan Communal Temple

SITE5  Tangwei Village -- By the pond

SITE1 Fulong Village

The site is in the street building on the south side of North Ring Road, near the fish pond to the southeast. The original theatre site building, covering an area of about 853 square meters, has a unique architectural structure, good natural light and abundant indoor available space.

SITE2 Puxin Village

The base is located in the downstairs group of  Puxin Village, covering an area of about 491 square meters on the northeast side of the turret, adjacent to the turret. Puxin Turret is a municipal cultural relic protection building with a red stone and blue brick structure, sitting west to east, with a height of about 13 meters and an area of about 149 square meters. Villagers use the turret to prevent robbers from kidnapping money and shelter when the Dongjiang River is short of embankments. There is a residential building and a homestead on the site.

SITE3 Tangwei Village -- The entrance to the village

The base is located in the entrance complex of the ancient village, with a favourable geographical location, which is all modern residential buildings.   The complex's facade has ample space for reconstruction and can be extended with various functions. It can retain the viewing space, which is suitable for Tangwei Village to build a landmark building complex. The building height control is two floors, and the height limit is 6m.

SITE4 Tangwei Village -- Weichuan Communal Temple

The base is located in the middle of the ancient village of the Weichuan temple. The original function is a rural study, and it is suggested to fully use its geographical location and architectural structure characteristics, considering its history and culture for extension design. The building height control is two floors, and the height limit is 6m.

SITE5  Tangwei Village -- By the pond

The base is located near the west gate of Tangwei Ancient Village, near the water, with plenty of space for outdoor activities. The architectural style has local characteristics and rich shapes. The base has sufficient space for transformation. It is suggested to make full use of its natural resources outdoors to echo the surrounding landscape and ponds. The building height control in the area is 2 floors, and the building height limit is 6m.



Tenured teacher, doctoral supervisor and famous artist of Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris; Former Dean of Parsons School of Art and Design, Paris

Tony Brown was one of the first artists in the early 80s to produce cutting edge technological oriented installation art. He is an established artist, exhibiting his work internationally, in numerous exhibitions and at fairs such as: Documenta, Kassel, the Armory Show, New York, FIAC, Paris and Shanghai Contemporary. His work has been exhibited and collected by many important international museums and private collections in: Canada, United States, Asia and Europe. Most recently, he broadened his practice from work to: drawing, designing and large architectural projects. As well as maintaining an artistic career Tony Brown has a long and distinguished academic career lecturing and teaching in numerous international institutions in: Canada, United States, Asia and Europe; most notably at the Ecole des beaux arts Paris, France where he was a director of their post diploma program La Seine with his academic experience including being a provost for Parsons Paris, France.


Executive Director of Chongqing Erchang Cultural and Creative Park, Chairman of Chongqing Aoyake Cultural Development Co., LTD


MCM Founder

Internationally recognized destination lifestyle planner and designer, Mr. Mitchell has contributed to more than 2,000 projects in 59 countries over his forty year career. Among his most well-known successes was serving as Group Vice-President of the Los Angeles Olympics, where he was responsible for the planning and support operations of the Games. Among his responsibilities included overseeing the planning of the 56 Olympic venues and supervising the architectural departments venue planning. He has served as a senior planning consultant to six other Olympic Games, four World Fairs, and has worked with many of the largest leisure, recreation and property development companies in the world, as well as dozens of national and city governments. That work includes various projects with international theme park companies such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros.Theme Parks, Warner Bros. Movie World Studios in Germany, Knott’s Berry Farm, Paramount Studio and Fox Studio. Additionally Mr. Mitchell has worked on more than fifty movie studios and theme parks for independent developers around the world.


Yinjuxiangli Founder


Principal Architect of RSAA/Büro Ziyu Zhuang

Learning after Bernard Tschumi and Kenneth Frampton, Ziyu Zhuang has been granted the Master’s degree of Architecture and Urban design in Columbia University, USA. As the member of the Architectural Society of China, Chartered Member of RIBA, the member of AIA, the member of Architecture League of New York and as the LEED AP of USGBC, Ziyu Zhuang has been invited to be the visiting professor of Tianjin University School of Architecture in 2018-2019.


Founding partner of Magic BeanVC Investments, Vice President of Cultural and Creative Professional Committee of Tsinghua Alumni Association, Judge of the 2020/2021 Global Licensing Excellence Awards

Focus on the integration degree of resources between the design and Shipai Town, including the mining and utilising of local materials, extraction of local elements, implantation of local culture and activities, etc.
Whether the concept planning and design are integrated with the overall surrounding environment and atmosphere, the design of Shipai Town itself is consistent and coherent
Designed for landing and commercial closed-loop capability
Is there any innovation in the design which is in line with the theme of the competition, including but not limited to scheme concept, business layout, local derivative consumption, etc.
Design for environmental and ecological considerations and use of sustainable materials

(All bonuses are pre-tax bonuses)

Best Feature Design Award 5 teams, 30,000 Yuan/team (one team from each site)

Overall Design Award 1 team, 50,000 Yuan/team (design more than two sites can be participate in the selection of the award)

Public Popularity Award 1 teams, 5,000 Yuan /team


Finally, negotiate and adjust according to specific needs,
and continue to answer questions and publicize throughout the process

Finally, negotiate and adjust according to specific needs, and continue to answer questions and publicize throughout the process

The competition will be released on October 22th

Offline work camp on October 29-30

Deadline for submissions is December 20

The finalists will be announced on December 30

Popular vote on December 30 - January 6

The awards ceremony on January 8, 2023